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Mutual Fund makes employees feel warm
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“An unexpected calamity made my family trapped in a difficult situation. At the critical moment, it was Chigo, Chigo Labor Union and Chigo Mutual Fund gave us a hand, provided my family with the chance of a new life, made us catch a sight of new hope in the hot water and feel the warmth of the big family of Chigo”. This is a paragraph of the letter of thanks written by an employee of the Commercial Air Conditioning Business Department on September 8.

The similar cases are common occurrence for Chigo. During the past years, Chigo has always had the enthusiasm for social public welfare undertaking and tried to create the good living and working environment for all employees. The establishment and benign operation of Chigo Mutual Fund plays an important role in helping the employees in difficulty out of trouble.

In 2000, advocated by Chigo’s president Li Xinghao, Chigo established the Mutual Fund with the main mode of all members helping each other. In the past 8 years, Chigo gradually standardized the operation of the Fund, established the articles of association and the rules of procedure and perfected the regulations concerned with the organizational framework of the Fund, the member qualification system, the enrollment procedure, the member’s basic rights and obligations as well as the
fund application method and the use and management of the Fund. By far, the annual average enrollment ratio of employees has maintained 90% and above, Chigo has rendered financial assistance to approximately 300 employees and families in difficulty, and the amount of financial aid has ranged from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands yuan. In addition, the Mutual Fund also directly takes part in the social public welfare activities; for example, help the orphans and disabled children, widows and widowers and the children from single-parent family.