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  • Bombshell! Top 500 China Brands Revealed


    Recently, review committee of Top 500 China Brands revealed the 11th top 500 China brands.Guangdong CHIGO Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. was listed among the top 500 China brands with HUAWEI, ICBC (Industr...

  • CHIGO Gains China Patent Excellent Award!


    On Dec.13, the 19th China Patent Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) jointly. Guangdong CHIGO A...

  • 2018 CHIGO Kazakhstan Dealer Conference Held Grandly


    With the acceleration and mutual integration of the three strategies of high-end, intelligent, globalization, the layout of CHIGO "s overseas markets has further speeded up. On November 30, CHIGO’ s K...

  • CHIGO sparkles in the BIG 5 with competitive products strategy


    “ This effectively solves the problem of limited spaceof our outdoor unit installation in the local construction project.”, said customers from Saudi Arabia. On November 26th ~29th, together with its ...

  • Chigo held 2018 Global Distributor Conference successfully


    What may be on your mind when talking about “Bali”?Will it be sunshine, golden beach, blue seawater,or the coziness and comfortable?On the isle located in 8 degree of south latitude, are there not onl...

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