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  • Dating with CHIGO in Iran


    Once upon a time,there was a Persian poet wrote: Suffered for love such woe have I, that ask not Drunk parting"s poison so Have I, that ask not Travelled have I the world and now a charmer Chosen, so ...

  • CHIGO Top 10 Events in 2017


    Every time when a new accounting year opens, AC manufacturers would adjust their marketing strategies for the new beginning. The past August 2016- July 2017, is called as the " 2017 cooling year" in C...

  • 【CHIGO in SPAIN 】Sailing Out, CHIGO Sponsors the Copa del Rey


    Speaking of Spain, the first thing comes into your mind must be Real Madrid, Antonio Gaudi"s family cathedral, artists like Picasso, Milo, Dali, and the most striking sailing events here in Spain---Co...

  • Speed & Passion! NASCAR No. 99 Sponsored by CHIGO Ranked NO.2


    Overtaking at the top-speed of 300km/h, 3 hours of crazy high-speed chase, V8 engine roaring... At 7:30 am, July 7, 2017 (Beijing time), the most popular top-level car race NASCAR Camping World Truck ...

  • CHIGO Won the Title of Foshan · Backbone Enterprise


    On June 19th, 2017, the first Foshan · Backbone Enterprise and Foshan · City Entrepreneurs naming ceremony was held in Foshan, Guangdong province, China. According to the release, the selection and na...

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