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CHIGO Showed up at HVAC/R Philippines with High Efficient ACs
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On November 8th, the 29th Philippines refrigeration exhibition - HVAC/R was held as scheduled in Pasay, which will last for four days. The exhibits range from heating, ventilating to air conditioning, refrigerating products and so on.

It is known to all that this exhibition is not only the biggest construction and materials forum in Philippines, but also one of the most influential HVAC exhibition.

This time, CHIGO comes with its products of split type, window type and portable A/Cs. In addition, CHIGO shows its splendid innovation and manufacturing strength by its upgrading products and improving convenience functions, attracting great attention from the local buyers of air conditioning and construction field.

Due to the high-cost electric power and increasing awareness of energy efficiency, more and more local people resort to inverter air conditioners. CHIGO inverter A/C which is equipped with cutting-edge technology solves the problems perfectly. It can achieve more precise temperature control and rapid cooling in 30 seconds. What's more, it saves more energy and decreases the power consumption greatly by controlling the spinning speed of the compressor.

In recent years, more and more famous brands turns their priority to sports fields. It has come into a main tendency of brands globalization. CHIGO Philippines has also successfully become the event sponsors of the national basketball league (NBL) and 2018 NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship. 

The local agent told us that the people here can’t live without basketball. They take it not only  as a way of entertainment, but also the national ball. In addition, due to its specific geographic position, surrounded by the sea, people here like playing beach volleyball.

By investing more efforts on these two local popular sports, CHIGO brand has continuously increasing the brand reputation and market share in Philippines market. It's worth mentioned that the incredible achievements of CHIGO and its local agent also attracted the attention of the local GNTV on the first day of the exhibition.