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2019 CHIGO Banquet was Grandly Held in Guangzhou
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The 124th session of Canton Fair was popular enough, but for CHIGO's friends from all over the world, the second day was the most meaning day. This day, the “Smart Innovation· Smart Era”2019 CHIGO Banquet was grandly held in in Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel, with more than 500 global distributors came from nearly 100 countries.

After an opening show, the speech by Mr. Li Xinghao, Board chairman & President of CHIGO Group won a lot of cheers. According to Li, by continue input in the R&D of intelligent manufacturing and smart A/C products, CHIGO has began to form the layout of intelligence. CHIGO group had showed strong spirit and confidence to the distributors by the global strategy and development conveyed by Li, every commitment, and every goal of CHIGO.

Focusing on A/C manufacturing for 25 years, with the mission of "making the best air conditioning in the world and making life better", CHIGO's brand influence and market share are now showing gratifying growth trend. Such a remarkable achievement is also inseparable from the long-term support of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products(CCCMB).

Speech by Mr. Zhang Yujing,President of CCCMB

Looking back to the past year, with CHIGO's increasing products competitiveness in the global A/C market, its brand image and brand value have also been strongly boosted. According to 2018 China's 500 Most Valuable Brands published by the World Brand Lab, with a brand value of 20.076 billion, CHIGO ranked 238, which means a clearer imagine for CHIGO of being a world class enterprises.

During the conference, Mr. Kevin Xiao, General Manager of CHIGO Overseas Marketing Division summed up the achievement on the R&D and quality improvement of CHIGO overseas products. Meanwhile, he also pointed out CHIGO‘s 2019 plan on price, quality, delivery time, products and service.

Speech by Mr. Kevin Xiao, General Manager of CHIGO Overseas Marketing Division

The welcome video made by Jackie Chan also made CHIGO’s guest from all over the world excited.

CHIGO’ s rapid development in overseas market is inseparable from the effort of China Export Credit Insurance Corporation(SINOSURE). It  ensures an all-round security escort for CHIGO’s export business.

Speech by Ms. Windsor Gu,Vice GM of SINOSURE Guangdong Branch

In fact, CHIGO and SINOSUR have maintained a strategic cooperation for 14 years. On this special evening, the 2018-2019 memorandum signing ceremony on strategic cooperation between SINOSURE and CHIGO was also carried out under the witness of our global distribution partner. The two parties will jointly establish a risk management system for global business and share the fruits of overseas market development.

The 2018-2019 memorandum signing ceremony

The global launch of fifth generation of CHIGO Smart King series, China’s 1st self-breathing A/C, which was the most important moment for the night grasped the eyes of CHIGO’s guests. On the basis of previous generations of Smart King products, the 5th is much smarter and healthier by applying the functions of gesture control, voice control and Follow me and sustained releasing of negative oxygen ions. Among them, the newest technology developed by CHIGO, sustained releasing of negative oxygen ions provides the forest level air defined by WHO.  

After the meeting, the banquet officially began. Dance, face changing, band singing, magic show and lucky draw, all the carefully prepared by CHIGO were highly appreciated by our distinguished guests.

Each handshake and clink cup are the mutual trust and expectation between CHIGO and its partners.Just like CHIGO’s belief, Hands with CHIGO, friends forever. It's because of CHIGO and its partners’ mutual efforts, an intelligent, healthy, green and fashionable CHIGO air conditioner can connect to our global users, providing them fresher and more comfortable home, refreshing the definition of Made in China. We also look forward to working with our global partners to build a symbiotic win-win platform and career community, destiny community, wealth community, creating a better future!