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CHIGO Ukrainian Distributor Conference Was Held Grandly
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On September 27, CHIGO’s Ukrainian dealers gathered at its headquarter in Foshan to participate in 2018 CHIGO Ukrainian distributor conference, discussing the co-operation plan for the coming 2019.

It is said that Ukraine is one of the fastest growing markets for air conditioning demand in Europe, due to its rapid development of domestic industry,construction and transformation of the office and residential buildings as the rapid development of its domestic economy. With different kinds of promotion activities and cost-effective A/C products, CHIGO also ushered in a sustained growth in its local market.

At the meeting, Mr. Xiao, acting General Manager of CHIGO Overseas Marketing Department, extended his warmest welcome and sincere wishes to the Ukrainian dealers. Firstly, he acknowledged the efforts of dealers over the past year, which has made it a well-known brand in Ukraine. He said that CHIGO will also continue to fully support their promotion activities in Ukraine, providing the most solid backing for them to expand market share.

In the Ukrainian market, Chigo has promoted the energy-efficiency inverter Acs which can achieve fast heating in the Nordic low-temperature condition. Although non- inverter AC is the main type in Ukraine, the market share of inverter ACs has also risen year by year. Therefore, Inverter heating will be the future development trend.

According to the feedbacks from the dealers at the meeting, it can be known that the temperature of Ukraine has reached minus 30 degrees in winter, and the minimum temperature even reaches minus 41 degrees. So consumers' demand for heating of air conditioners is increasing. Special types of ACs developed and produced by CHIGO, which can achieve rapid heating in extremely cold environment with high energy efficiency, solve this matter perfectly. What’s more, in Ukraine, where the intelligence industry is developing rapidly, the Smart King series ACs introduced by CHIGO in recent years has also caught widespread attention from consumers. Many customers had personal experience with the WIFI ACs, which can not only achieve remote control and adaptation through mobiles,but also achieve self- cleaning, and gave a high appraisal to this.

During the meeting, CHIGO also commended and expressed its sincere thanks to the contributed dealers. Thanks to their great efforts, CHIGO  has been known by the local people and got nicely promotion. The local dealers not only made the propaganda album of paintings, include contextual advertising in popular TV programs, but they also opened the sale tactics conference in major cities, publicize the product on Facebook, Youtube and so on. A serious of promote activities has increased CHIGO’s sales volume in Ukraine, and gave the local people a deep impression.

In addition, the dealers haalso visited the exhibition hall, factories and the labs, knowing the technology and process of creating ACs. Most importantly, the meeting has provided us an opportunity for the overseas sellers to know the oversea demand and the market, so that they can make greater contribution to the development of the exploit of overseas market.