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CHIGO Showed up at Cambodia Exhibition, Shocking With New Product
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Cambodia 5 in 1 Exhibition on Building, Security, Energy, Air-con and Water Technology has been held at Diamond Island International Convention & Exhibition Center of Phnom Penh on September 12, 2018. Many leading enterprises in refrigeration industry, who come from the countries around Cambodia such as China, have participated in this three-day exhibition.

As one of the top four air conditioning manufacturers in China, Chigo attended with its most representative product and the fruit of innovation and intelligence, which shows the Chigo products solid strength and cutting-edge quality to all the consumer participated. They were widely accepted by the local. Among all the products, the 88 Cylindrical AC, designed accordingly with triumphal arch aesthetics and exhibited firstly overseas, aroused all the participates high interest and caught their attention with unprecedented founder cabinet, silver bezel decoration as well as the elegant and fashion exterior. And it became one of the shining spots of the exhibition.

One with a gorgeous exterior must come with interesting interior. It’s known to all that the elegant 88 Cylindrical AC not only can measure our need for the flowing extent, with a wide air outlet of 1000mm, but also is equipped with a fan which can move 60° left and right and 120° up and down, making a more wide breadth and more smooth flowing. The difference and convenience function has met the users’ need for the elegant exterior, refrigeration, energy-saving and environmental protection, and attracted all the guests to inquiring.

As we all know, Chinese enterprises have invested a lot in Cambodia market under the initiative of the Belt and Road. This is also the best chance for Chigo to promote itself. From January to August 2018, Chigo' s exports of air conditioners to Cambodia increased by 212% compared with the same period, according to relevant data. The attending of this exhibition is another great strategy for Chigo to explore the Southeast Asian market after its first Cambodia distributor conference held in May, 2018, on the one hand , Chigo show the world its powerful research and manufacture ability. On the other hand, we consolidate our cooperation with the local agent and attract plenty of potential customers. Above all, this has built up a solid base for Chigo to have a deeper cooperation with the Cambodia market.