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CHIGO showed up at Ukraine Aqua-Therm Kyiv
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On May 15-18 , the Ukrainian Aqua-Therm is taking place at the Kyiv International Exhibition Center. CHIGO Air conditioning also exhibites different types of non-inverter / inverter ACs at the exhibition, which are popular in European market, giving a comfortable life to the local.

Extreme heating products are popular here

Aqua-Therm Kyiv is a famous international exhibition in the field of heating, ventilation, sanitary ware and air conditioning. The exhibition not only plays an important role in the Ukrainian market, but also attracts professional buyers from Russia, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and so on.

In recent years, due to the sustained growth of economy, Ukraine's market for industrial, office and residential housing construction and transformation has flourished, which has prompted an increase in the demand for Ukrainian HVAC refrigeration products. Ukraine is located in the temperate zone, which is a typical continental climate. In winter, the low temperature reaches minus 30 degrees, and the minimum temperature even reaches minus 41 degrees, so consumers' demand for heating of air conditioners is more common. 

The Moda and Angel series of air-conditioning products exhibited at the site of CHIGO can achieve rapid heating in an extremely cold environment with high energy efficiency, which greatly solve this matter. In winter, the indoor temperature can continue to warm for a long time even when there is no one indoors. Simple and elegant design, leading energy conservation and environmental protection technology, unparalleled extreme heating function, of all these advantages, CHIGO products on the booth site quickly "capture" the hearts of a large number of buyers.

According to staff of CHIGO, "In the Ukrainian market, Chigo has promoted the energy-efficiency inverter Acs which can achieve fast warming in the Nordic low-temperature condition. Although non- inverter ACs is the main AC type iin Ukrainian, the market share of inverter ACs is also rising year by year, and inverter heating will be the future development trend. "

Online and offline marketing promotion work together

CHIGO in the Ukrainian Marathon

 Video uplowned in the Youtube by Ukrainian agents

The international exhibitions reflects the high recognition of global customers for CHIGO products and brand.Through the joint efforts of CHIGO and local agents, CHIGO also has a nationwide sales and service network in Ukraine. Its marketable products and services are well-known in the local area. At the same time, through Ukrainian events/sports of large and small scales, CHIGO constantly refreshed the global consumers’ awareness of its brand image and products. In addition to attending the exhibition, the agents also carried the CHIGO flag to participate in the Ukrainian Marathon and displayed the championship spirit of the hard-working, progressive of CHIGO;In addition, CHIGO agent also brought the features of CHIGO Air Conditioning to consumers through online display methods such as Facebook and YouTube videos.According to forecast, compared with last year, in 2018, CHIGO and the agency's order plan is expected to achieve 100% growth.