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The China Ministry of Commerce visited CHIGO
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Song Xianmao, deputy director of the Foreign Trade Department of the China Ministry of Commerce, accompanied by Gong Zhihong, director of the Foreign Trade Division of the Guangdong Commerce Department, and Su Yan, director general of the Foshan Bureau of Commerce, and other relevant leaders, visited CHIGO on April 26th. The purpose of their visit is to investigate the foreign trade operation of Chinese enterprises and the independent brand construction of foreign trade.


The delegation visited the exhibition hall of CHIGO's domestic and foreign products and the Smart Cloud Air-Conditioning Experience Hall, and got a detailed understanding of the status of the the domestic and foreign sales of CHIGO’s complete series of products. Through mobile terminals,Song experienced the cloud control, cloud diagnosis and other functions of CHIGO Smart Cloud series and fully affirmed CHIGO's technological innovation.


According to Li Xinghao, chairman and president of CHIGOgroup, promoted by Made in China 2025 and the Belt and Road construction and other policies, CHIGO was insisting cultivating independent brand and creating and optimizing the global service provider system.

Thanks to these efforts mentioned above, overseas market sales of CHIGO had risen significantly -- up to 9.7 percent year-on-year growth. Among them, sales in the Americas, Europe and Oceania increased by 50.1%, 31.1% and 11.8% respectively. In the Belt and Road Initiative Construction countries, CHIGO accounted for the market share of about 10%.Besides, in the European market, CHIGO’s accumulative total sales volume ranked third. What's even more surprising was that CHIGO exports to the United States has keep doubling every year for three years, and in 2017 was up 140% from ayear earlier.

At the meeting, Song praised the outstanding achievements of Chigo’s overseas market expansion and brand construction.In response to the recent increase in manufacturing costs and exchange rate fluctuations faced by foreign trade in the home appliance industry, Song repeatedly stressed that Chinese enterprises should firm their confidence in the process of "going out" and if they encounter difficulties or barriers, they can take the initiative to the relevant government departments for help.Meanwhile, he also encouraged Chigo to strengthen brand construction and foster new competitive advantages.


Li said that the risks and pressures of global trade of home appliance companies are foreseeable in the process of economic globalization,but the tacit cooperation between the state and the enterprises can turn the pressure into the driving force.In addition, Li also introduced that "CHIGO" is the blending of "China Go". This name implies that CHIGO wants to "Started from China, serve the world". In the future, CHIGO will continue to provide the globe the best air conditioners so as to strive to make Made-in-China great again.