CHIGO Ghana Merchant Conference Successfully Held
Release date:2024-02-15

    Recently, Chigo in Ghana successfully held the merchant conferenceThe Chigo delegation headed by Mr. Bruce Lee, the vice general manager of Chigo Overseas Marketing Company, attended this conference in Ghana. Hundreds of people gathered together to seek common development.

微信图片_20240228151926.jpg    Mr. Bruce Lee delivered a speech at the conference. He expressed his gratitude to the dealers for their trust and support to Chigo during the past years, then introduced in detail the strength of Chigo in Ghana and the world, and looked forward to the far-reaching cooperation in 2024 to encourage the agent and dealers. Mr. Bruce Lee emphasized that Chigo will continue utilizing its advantages in technology and products to facilitate the development in Ghana and the global market with good products and services.

微信图片_20240228151930.jpgMr. Bruce Lee

    The Chigo delegation also gave a specific explanation at the conference of Chigo's profile, products, global activities and agents in Africa. A video of Tony Liao, general manager of Chigo Overseas Marketing Company, was played as an Easter egg, which gave the dealers a pleasant surprise.


微信图片_20240228151936.jpgAward excellent agent

微信图片_20240228151939.jpg▲Award excellent dealer

微信图片_20240228151942.jpg▲Award excellent dealer

    The conference showed the powerful strength of Chigo to the dealers, journalists and counterparts in Ghana, and was widely reported by the local TV and newspapers. An African online influencer highly appreciated this conference and shared it in facebook, attracting wide attention in Africa.

微信图片_20240228151945.jpg▲ Interviewed by local TV station


▲ Reported by local newspaper

    This conference enabled overseas dealers to have a more detailed understanding of Chigo's development plan in global market, and deepened their recognition of Chigo's product power as well as their confidence in subsequent in-depth cooperation.

微信图片_20240228151951.jpg▲ Group photo

微信图片_20240228151955.jpg▲ Group photo

微信图片_20240228151958.jpg▲Prizes for the lucky draw

微信图片_20240228152001.jpg▲Prizes for the lucky draw

In recent years, Chigo has continued strengthening its expansion in overseas markets. In addition to Africa, the developments of Chigo in other overseas markets such as Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia have also entered into steady growth stage. Chigo's products and services are deeply loved by local consumers.

The conference has once again successfully shown the new face of Chigo to the customers and dealers in overseas markets, demonstrated the leading strength of Chinese brand, and promoted the globalization development of Chigo.