Successful Convening of the CHIGO A/C Russia Distributors Conference
Release date:2024-02-28

    Recently, the CHIGO Air Conditioning Russia Distributors Conference was held in a southern city of Russia. Mr. Li Biao, Assistant General Manager of CHIGO Air Conditioning Overseas Marketing Company, attended the conference on behalf of CHIGO. He gathered with nearly 500 distributors from Russia, aiming to strengthen communication and cooperation between both parties and to plan for a brand-new venture in 2024.


    Mr. Li Biao delivered the opening speech, congratulating the successful convening of the Russia Distributors Conference. He presented the strength of CHIGO as a company and its current development status in Russia and globally, enhancing the understanding and confidence of distributors towards CHIGO. He pledged that CHIGO will explore even finer product lineups and provide better after-sales service in the future, striving for the continuous and stable development of CHIGO products in Russia.


Speech by Mr. Li Biao, Assistant General Manager of CHIGO Air Conditioning Overseas Marketing Company.

    At the conference, relevant officials give a  in-depth introductions to Russia distributors.Including CHIGO factories, brand development, and emphasized CHIGO product and technological capabilities, as well as market strategies. They promised to continuously implement every detail in channels, marketing, and after-sales to further strengthen the trust of distributors in the CHIGO brand and products.


    During the evening banquet, outstanding CHIGO distributors were commended and their contributions were recognized. The atmosphere was warm and harmonious, with distributors expressing their continued trust and confidence in the CHIGO brand.



The successful hosting of the CHIGO Russia Distributors Conference reflects the fondness and recognition of Russian consumers for the CHIGO brand and products, injecting confidence into CHIGO continuous efforts to expand its overseas market.

    With over 30 years of focus in the manufacturing field, CHIGO has consistently delivered healthy and comfortable home environments to consumers worldwide through good products and services.

   In the future, CHIGO will further strengthen its international competitiveness and influence by focusing on the overseas market. CHIGO also hopes to collaborate with global partners for a mutually beneficial future.