Direct to the 126th Canton Fair! Chigo Booth is “Hot”
Release date:2019-10-15

On October 15th,The 126th Canton fair officially kicked off at the Pazhou Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. In this Canton Fair,purchasers from more than 200 countries and regions. Over a million square meters of exhibition space, over 60,000 booths, Canton fair,"China's largest exhibition",deserved the title!

In booth of Chigo,It covers residential air conditioners,commercial air conditioners,refrigerators and washing machines,wine cabinets and compressors and others,all appears!

Cutting-edge technology,Novel exhibition form,Cool experience and interaction. Chigo shows the high-quality products of Chinese high-tech manufacture to the merchants from global countries and regions. 

In core exhibition, the intelligent air conditioner “king” gathers everyone’s focus. Among them,Series “King 5” brought a new experience for merchants!Unlike traditional models,it has a voice recognition system. “King 206” adds some functions: voice control, realizing being “on and off” through direct dialogue. Besides, it can adjust the temperature, air speed and so on. This intelligent humanized technology was praised by merchants repeatedly!

On site, our professional and enthusiastic salesmen are fully prepared and receives a batch of overseas merchants with mettlesome outfit on. With professional accomplishment, they quickly harvest one after another orders!

 Taking the Canton fair as an opportunity,Chigo develops the international market,continuously expands the "international friends circle",and gets ourproducts with exquisite workmanship and intelligent manufacturing sold well all over the world!